Lo sgabello Zero per di Hattern


Does exist a way to generate new furniture with no waste?

Zero per stool project by Hattern is a new furniture piece made combining wood offcuts and resin.

Hattern is an up-cycling design studio based in South Corea, his aim is to make new products with 0% waste . Starting from a seat they developed ZERO PER STOOL  part of  the ” ZERO PROJECT “.

The technique is called “hybrid wood”, it consists in solidify cured resin with cracked wood pieces after pouring into a mold. The translucent resin has a double function to exhibit the offcuts shapes and to keep together the wood offcuts. Zero per stool is consisted of two parts which are the legs with White Oak and the upper board with application of hybrid wood technique.

Auto production furniture zero per stool

Autoproduction furniture zero per stool

Combining resin + offcuts to make new furniture

The offcuts from the legs are solidified with cured resin and reformed to the upper board as the essential structure of the stool. The waste produced from the product is reduced almost 0%.

Not just stools but also coasters are made, and  every element has a different shape composition depending on how the offcuts have been flattened and placed.

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