1 Ottobre 2015

Weronika Izdebska fotografa e regista polacca, conosciuta come Ovors, ha realizzato una serie di fotografie ambientate nei malinconici paesaggi islandesi. La bellezza di quelle terre è resa magnificamente in questi scatti.

“I’ve always been drawn to the North since I can remember. Over the years, the quiet voice is becoming more definite and real. Surrounded by the space’s immensity, all the sounds and smells, the instant and gradual changes – I breath deeply and experience. 10 days is not enough. Searching for abandonment, chasing waterfalls and following the mist.
Traveling North.”

ovors_1 ovors_2 ovors_3 ovors_4 ovors_5 ovors_6 ovors_8 ovors_9 ovors_10 ovors_11 ovors_12 ovors_13 ovors_14 ovors_15 ovors_16 ovors_17 ovors_18 ovors_19 ovors_20 ovors_21 ovors_22 ovors_23 ovors_24

Via Ignant | All images © Weronika Izdebska

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