Il famosissimo studio giapponese Nendo, ha realizzato una mensola particolarmente atipica. Il complemento è ideato per allungarsi o accorciarsi a seconda delle necessità dell’utente, per adattarsi ad ogni utilizzo, in qualsiasi ambiente.

“A shelf that from within a second shelf of the same size seemingly grows outward. Vertical sections are made from 3.7 mm thick carbon fiber, while the 3.7 mm thick horizontal sections consist of aramid fibre-made honeycomb material sandwiched between carbon fiber. Both sections are coated with a larch veneer, resulting in a 4.8 mm thick shelving hidden within the 9.6 mm thick outer shelving. The 650 mm width of the shelf’s fully-collapsed state doubles to 1300mm when the shelf is fully extended outward, allowing the user the flexibility to choose a width appropriate for the space available. Extending the shelf halfway produces a grid shelf-style layout with rows of square shelves.”

nendoshelf_design-01 nendoshelf_design-02 nendoshelf_design-03 nendoshelf_design-04 nendoshelf_design-05 nendoshelf_design-detail nendoshelf_design-detail02 nendoshelf_design-gif nendoshelf_design-plan

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