The Gallery Sketch in London  designed by India Mahdavi.

Take a break in London for the afternoon tea and feel as in a big pink cotton candy or in a Wes Anderson movies. The Sketch has been designed in 2014 by India Mahdavi, who created a backdrop for David Shrigley’s artwork. A celebration of art, food,and interior that involves the 5 senses.
The classic, almost bourgeois design invites a deliberately playful contrast with the witty, outre art works; all is most certainly not what it seems. While matching sketch’s delight in the avant-garde, thi harmonious disorder breaks with the Gallery’s usual eclecticism.
The Fashion designer Richard Nicoll has been involves to design the uniforms for the Gallery staff.
“For the sketch uniform project I liked the idea of creating elegant and utilitarian uniforms for the staff that reference a diner look but in a very modern and sophisticated way”, explains Richard Nicoll.

India Mahdavi is an architect, scenographer and designer, born in 1962 in Tehran. She studied architecture at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, and then spent one year in NY studying graphic design, furniture design and industrial design, after that she came back to Paris, where she is based now, to work as Art Director for Christian Liaigre. In 1999 India Mahdavi founded her own studio. Her style is sensual, elegant and humoristic at the same time.

David Shrigley is an artist, he graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1991. Over the past two decades he has developed a rich and varied practice. known for his crudely composed ironic drawings, his work now also encompasses a broad range of media including photography, sculpture, music, animation and taxidermy. What is in common throughout is an appreciation for the absurd; an eye for the overlooked and an ability to convey humor in a myriad of ways. His subtle, yet often darkly witty imaginings provide a welcome counter to the banality of daily life. Likened to a ‘playful surrealist,’ Shrigley manages to acknowledge the post-war humor of ‘Goon’ Spike Milligan whilst simultaneously referencing the now iconic dis junction found in the work of artists such as René Magritte.

1814-sketch04-up1The Gallery at sketch by India Mahdavi Shrigley-SketchSketchThe Gallery at sketch by India Mahdavi1

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