Come vorreste che fosse il vostro ufficio? Lo spazio dove passiamo gran parte del nostro tempo.  Noi ne abbiamo scelto 6 tra i migliori.


Our Tandem selection of 6 coolest Office spaces around the world:

1. Mexico National Laborty of Geonomics designed by TEN Arquitectos

2. Airbnb Office in Dublin designed by Heneghan Peng

3. Beats by Dre Office based in Los Angeles designed by Bestor Architecture

4. DSM Design Center is designed by Studio Niels and Broekbakema

5. The office in Bostanci/Istambul by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects

6. Fiftytree Office  space in New York city designed by +ADD

7. The Office collection Prouvé RAW Office produced by Vitra, is designed by Jean Prouvé

8. Uber Office space in San Francisco designed by O+A




9 mexico n lab by Ten arquitectos

1 aibnb2

3 beats by dre _ Bestor Architecture4

5 dsm centre by Studio Niels and BroekBakema6

14  Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects

7 fiftytree by +ADD8


10 prouvè by vitra11


12 uber  o+a studio13


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