Family reunion is a conceptual relatives, meetings of style, combinations of materials, a mixture of generations, likenesses of genre. It is a new group exhibition showing in Paris an eclectic selection of pieces by designers who are emblematic of the Kreo Gallery. It presented for the first time in Paris:

The all new Console by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
The brand new piece by the Bouroullec brothers for Galerie kreo, this console consists of a metal structure « bordered » with a thick black leather finishing.

The “ Firenze ” table by Alessandro Mendini
The “ Firenze ” table designed in an eight formation, very rounded, is in marqueterie of rosewood, pear tree wood et tanganika, in a motif very characteristic of the italian designer.

The “ M&C ” console from the “ Marbles & Clowns ” collection by Pierre Charpin
Made entirely from one block of marble, emptied and sculpted, the pared down shape of the console reveals all the veins of the marble. The interior circle is completely convex. This interior convex shape allows the designer to play with the thicknesses of the marble and results in the creation of an highly finished aesthetic.

The “ Sun ” mirror by Pierre Charpin
The “ Sun ” Mirror by Pierre Charpin is made up of only mirror. A circular inlay is embedded within the main mirror body, in rose gold gilt. The dimensions of the mirror imitate the supposed dimensions of the “ Sun ” (80 x 60 cm). This piece followed the “ Universe ” mirror, which also takes the supposed dimensions of the “ Universe ” (130 x 100cm), and whose interior is also adorned by yellow gold leaf, and was exhibited in the last exhibition “ Villégiature ” by Pierre Charpin at the Villa Noailles.

The “ Podium Cabinet ” from the “ Game On ” collection by Jaime Hayon – in it’s woodenversion
For his first collaboration with Galerie kreo, Jaime Hayon created a collection of pieces inspired by the theme of sports. This piece is a variation around one of the symbols of sports competition : the Podium. Made out of walnut, it’s form takes the silhouette of a podium, and the doors display the digits of the three podium heights when opened.

La mostra Family reunion che installano sta per ‘ riunione familiare’ é una riunione di stile, combinazioei di materiali, una miscela di generazioni, ritratti di genere. Si tratta della mostra  ospitata a Parigi dalle Gallerie Kreo, una selezione eclettica di pezzi progettati da designer emblematici della galleria. E ‘ stato presentato per la prima volta a Parigi:

La nuova consolle dei fratelli Bouroullec, il tavolo Firenze di Alessandro Mendini, la consolle della collezione “Marble & Clowns” e lo specchio “Sun” di Pierre Charpin, ed il contenitore “Podium” di Jaime Hayon.

Jaime Hayon 10 9 8 7 6 5 ‘‘Ignotus Nomen Vase’’ by Pierre Charpin, ignotus nomen collection

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