Yusei Nagashima, artista giapponese, pubblica ogni venerdì sul suo blog un’illustrazione, da tre anni fino ad oggi. La particolarità dei suoi lavori sta nella rappresentazione: affascinato sin da piccolo dalle creature acquatiche, decide di renderle l’unico soggetto delle sue illustrazioni.

“I was captivated by the form of the fish when I was young. How it carried itself in the water, the sparkle of its eyes and scales; the lively movements of its muscles when it was caught, its intimidating expression as its throat swelled. Under the incandescent light of the fish shop, they looked as brilliant as stars on a stage. My feelings since then haven’t changed, so now I draw fish.”

Canthigaster_rivulata-thumbnail2 Engraulis_japonicus_150904-thumbnail2 fish-from-wakayama-marina-city genus_Tanakia Lateolabrax_japonicus Lethrinus_nebulosus-thumbnail2 Scomber-japonicus Sepioteuthis_lessoniana-thumbnail2


All images © Yusei Nagashima

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