Roots by nude glass, It In tandem

Roots by Nude Design Team / iF Design Award 2016 Winner
Another of the unique Nude’s designs, Roots also has received an iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 and is the winner of the renowned IF label.
Roots is ingenious design of two sizes, using a cleverly disguised hydroponic system which supplies a measured amount of water from the bottom of the pot to the top, elongating the flower’s or herb’s life. The transparent glass top sits perfectly on the opaque base, the two parts easily removed for cleaning. The bigger size is a delightful holder for orchids or similar flowers. The smaller size of Roots was created as a portable herb garden for kitchens. Sitting on a concrete base, the two colored crystalline pots are use a hydroponic system to irrigate the plants. Perfect for a kitchen top or windowsill, the Roots garden makes a wonderful gift, promising the fabulous aroma of fresh herbs all year round.

Getting Nude: simple is beautiful
Nude is the creator and manufacturer of contemporary glassware for modern living. Nude looks at life through the lens of simplicity; de-cluttering and distilling, marrying form with function, always reflecting the lifestyle of less-ordinary people. Nude transcends the traditional boundaries of glassware treating the whole home as one sensuous and pleasurable space.
Nude collections are made of lead-free crystal glass, hand or machine-made, that delivers a level of transparency and delicacy unparalleled in the world of glass.

We are Nude
We live in a confusing world; too many choices, too many products, too much ‘noise’.
Nude believes things can be different; the remedy simple.
Simple is beautiful.
Simple is pure, clear, transparent.
Simple is useable, clean, uncluttered.
Simple is convenient, reliable, timeless.
Simple is all of these things, and also the reason things are so rarely simple.


Roots by nude glass, It In tandem

Roots by nude glass, It In tandem

Thanks to Nude Glass

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