It was a time when jazz music blossomed, and where the young, especially the young women, set themselves free. This was when Art Deco peaked with its representation of luxury, glamour, exuberance and faith in social and technological progress.Led by rebellious and passionate spirits, the roaring twenties saw a renewed attraction to genuine beauty, music and dance that set the stage for a love affair that could last forever…
A radiant and romantic Rose golden aluminium has been selected for the collection and is achieved through a dyeing process unique to Bang & Olufsen, which inspires their designers to create concepts that can match any style and any age. The exclusive collection containing six of thier most current and iconic designs bridges past and present to represent the passion, pride, and persistence that have been driving Bang & Olufsen for the last 90 years.


b&o01 b&o02 b&o05 b&o04 LAC_3

Bang&Olufsen – The love affair collection

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