Marimekko-itintandemThe Marimekko logo, born in 1954.


A spot of color in the snow land. In Finland, it’s the winter or summer season, regardless of the amount of daily light, you will surely appreciate the colorful windows of Marimekko.
Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colours. Founded in 1951 by a visionary woman Armi Ratia, Marimekko is said to be one of the world’s first real lifestyle brands combining fashion, bags and accessories as well as home decoration into one unique point of view.

“ Over the years, we have remained true to our original mission of bringing joy to everyday moments. Through our timeless, distinctive and functional designs, we want to empower people to be happy as they are: to live their lives as they desire and to express their personality boldly through the way that they dress themselves and their homes…
…Our own fabric printing factory in Helsinki is the heart and soul of Marimekko’s print design. The fact that designing and printing is done under the same roof has a remarkable significance from the perspective of smooth operations and being a pioneer in print design. We are proud of our print design expertise and that we are able to continue the print design tradition in Finland.”

Minna Kemell Kutvonen, Marimekko’s Design and Product Development Director of Home Products and Prints.


Siirtolapuutarha fabric and tableware designed by Louekari & Ruotsalainen.


Printex printing mill in Helsinki.

Marimekko's first fashion show in Helsinki on 20 May 1951 - Armi Ratia, founder of Marimekko.

Marimekko’s first fashion show in Helsinki on 20 May 1951 – Armi Ratia – founder of Marimekko.


Marimekko-itintandem marimekko02

Marimekko presented its Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection at Paris Fashion Week

“If you’re not the first, become its opposite and you will be the second” this market strategy would be a correct interpretation of the Brand Strategy. In finnish context, in which colors vary from white to gray, from brown wood to beige wool …Marimekko aims with bold colors and bright patterns. Impulse buying is obvious!

Credits: Marimekko

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