Interior illustrations with Sarah Maffeis.


Today I bring you inside the illustration world of Sarah Maffeis, product designer and illustrator actually based in Luxemburg, in a pretty quiet place surrounded by nature. The main subjects of her captivating illustrations are interiors and product design objects. Read more to discover the interview with Sarah.

How do you describe your design process? / What is your design process?

As a product and furniture designer, my creative process focuses on comfort and atmosphere. I first think of how the user of the products can be as pleasing as possible for the consumer. I model the shape according to the atmosphere I want to be able to create with the product.

For that reason, the reflection about the colors and textures also holds a very important role in my design process.
When it comes to illustration, my process is roughly the same. I always try to imagine spaces that create a strong atmosphere. But the design of the furniture I represent is way more spontaneously, as I don’t have to care as much about usability or feasibility.
When I draw, I also love to incorporate some objects from other designers I love and who inspire me.

Your favorite illustration/work? Why?

My favorite drawing is probably “Interior 01” (on the cover). It is very important to me because it is my first drawing for which I thought that I had really found a personal style that I like and that suits me. It’s when I started representing interiors and objects. From then I could really start working on developing my style and improving myself in these areas.

Many creatives agree that the future of design is in technology and social media; what do you think about this?
I agree that social media and technology are a great help to improve some parts of the design process, social media, for example, brings us closer to the user and allows a better understanding of their needs.

But as for product and furniture design, I also think that traditional knowledge and craftsmanship needs to remain very important for us in order to consume and produce responsibly.

How the city you work and live in affect your projects?

I am currently living in Luxembourg, in a pretty quiet place surrounded by nature. That environment is really propitious to thinking and help me to focus on my work. But I also need to travel and go to more cosmopolitan cities from time to time to get stimulated and find some new inspiration.

Can you describe your home / or the space where you feel home?

The most important features for my home are comfort, natural light, and plants.

My furniture is mostly very simple light wood pieces, but I am slowly collecting designer furniture and objects that I like, for my own interior to look more like my drawing!

Do you have an artist or designer who inspires you?

If I have to choose one, I think Charlotte Perriand is the person whose work inspired me the most. I am very interested in her way of combining art and design. I love the products she created, but most of all how they can be articulated to create a perfectly functional and balanced living space. Her deep interest in other countries’ design and craftsmanship also speaks to me, as I am always inspired by the richness of traditional furniture and object making from around the world.

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