Ingo Maurer perception of light


The light according to the designer Ingo Maurer detaches from the pedestal and is carried in the hands of a blue glove reminiscent of the blue bodies of paintings by Yves Klein. The metaphor of the painter is transposed to that of the designer.
The designer sayd:

On one side we’re developing lamps, on the other side we’re designing spaces. In the middle of it, we create one-off pieces, and these objects often come into being through a lot of hand- work. When you work you need tools, when you work with your hands you need gloves.

Working on a very big installation of dyed sponges with Luzi Graf from the team, our work- shop and all tools slowly turned blue – a powerful colour we created with pigments to go with the sponges perfectly. Every evening we hang our work gloves on the wall. This image struck our eyes: The blue glove on the wall. It was more than whispering to be a lamp, it was blaring it out!

With the help of our team members Hagen Sczech and Michael Lechner, the gloves were enlightened. They started to come to live in all their hands-on manner: strong, vivid with
a firm grip!

Why are we doing something like this?

Perception is leading us into situations like seeing the glove in its beauty, we got under its spell. We’re getting excited to transform this into a product, we’re working in exhilaration.

It’s not a statement, it’s not a joke, it’s not a masterpiece. It’s the result of the way we work.“



In this case the canvas takes shape, the touch of the painter holding up the brush materializes in the hand of the designer wearing a blue glove and begins to shape the space with light. Besides the Luzy lamp, Koyoo, Blow Me Up, Flying Light, Galactic and Zettel’z Munari could not be missing. Axel Schmid’s Koyoo is a small portable lamp. It is extremely light and sophisticated and takes very little to make a big impact. We brought over 20 Koyoo to present them as a multitude. The lamp diffuses a very pleasant and relaxing light. The paper circle can be replaced. The centerpiece of the exhibition at the Filolo Club is a large installation, a luminous ceiling, made of about 100 inflatable tubes equipped with RGBW LEDs, programmed with dynamic contents. The inflatable tubes are special versions of Blow Me Up, a lamp designed by Theo Möller and presented at Euroluce 2017. The installation was part of the Ingo Maurer light + building stand in Frankfurt. Blow Me Up – the product – will be displayed in new colors and sizes. Other new products are: Luce Volante, an elegant luminous object that seems to float in the air like a piece of silk in the wind. Galactic, which incorporates the ancient shape of the spiral and makes it the main visual element. With Zettel’z Munari and Zettel’z Laughing Buddha, Ingo Maurer & Team present two new limited edition Zettel’z 5s. For Zettel’z Munari, Ingo Maurer received permission from the Bruno Munari Foundation to use the Bruno Munari Alphabet. It is a lamp dedicated to young people, but with its unique beauty, it is a pleasure for all ages.

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