Genos: crafting belonging and identity through innovative design

itintandem racconta genos, il collettivo di design presso spazio fonte

In the heart of Milan, a groundbreaking force of designers is making waves, redefining design, belonging, and identity. Genos, a collective of visionary creatives, introduces its debut collection, “Edition One,” through a captivating display at the culturally vibrant Spazio Fonte, in Milan. Let’s delve into the world of Genos, where innovation and identity converge in extraordinary design.

The Parking installation of the unknown collectif by Genos' product design: stool, coffee table and carpet

The main question is who’s behind Genos? It’s not just a design studio; it’s a movement, a cultural shift, and a testament to the power of diversity in creativity, a movement that nowadays was missing. The name “Genos” derived from the Greek word for “birth” or “origin,” encapsulates its mission – nurturing ideas, concepts, and community. At its core, Genos believes in unity over individualism, where a collective of “Monads,” both conscious and unconscious contributors, shape a unified creative vision. The result is a dynamic and ever-evolving identity, characterized by diversity and inclusivity. Proudly rooted in Italy, Genos upholds the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Each creation proudly bears the “Made in Italy” mark, signifying a commitment to excellence and innovation. Their visual identity, thoughtfully crafted by Studio Temp, reinforces their dedication to pushing design boundaries and embracing fresh perspectives.

Edition One is the first collection of the ‘Monades’, it transcends conventional design, embracing a holistic approach that reflects the complexities of modern society. Unlike collections driven by strict criteria, it responds to the world’s challenges, societal issues, human behavior, and global dynamics. Each piece it’s a unique creation, meticulously researched, tested, and innovated upon. The production methods are a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and exploring how materials interact to create exceptional pieces.

How Dare You Chair‘ This design is a tribute to those held back by societal expectations, urging them to question the paths they find themselves on. It challenges the notion of unfulfilled potential.

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear’ Mirror is a symbol of unity and inclusivity, this mirror challenges traditional gender representation and invites us to see ourselves in a different light.

Scattered Minds’ Coffee Table has the aim to invite us to find creativity within distraction, turning quirks into sources of inspiration. It celebrates the beauty of our scattered thoughts.

Future’ Stool Symbolizing change and the desire for voices to be heard, this stool embodies the spirit of a new generation ready to make an impact.

Post-Humanity’ Coffee Table has a thought-provoking design that draws attention to humanity’s mark on the environment, it urges us to consider the consequences of our actions. 

With this collection of furniture, Genos is trying to reshape design by embracing diversity, breaking boundaries, and sparking dialogue. “Edition One” served as an invitation to explore the intersection of design and identity, encouraging participation in their creative movement leaving a mark on the design world.

Ph credits Piercarlo Quecchia DSL Studio

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